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1a. You can Set up your account easily by clicking on the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button on our website. Fill in all details required, like your name, email address, phone number, home address and your wallet information. You can input your wallet address details accordingly and you must make sure no mistake is made at this level as this is where your funds will be paid when you make withdrawal.

1b. EMAIL VERIFICATION: After creating your account, log in to your email address and confirm a onetime code that would be sent to you. This step is very vital and it is to verify your email address for further updates and rewards.


1a. It is utmost important that you secure your account with 2FA Authentication, this will give your account an added advantage on security and edge over hack, as you would be the person in charge of all transactions done in your account. It is very easy to do this, so we encourage you to make sure you secure your account with 2FA verification.


1a. There are many ways to deposit to your account, they are all simple and easy. You can simply log in to your account and choose a deposit method. You can deposit with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Visa Card, Master Card, Perfect Money and Payeer. One of the simplest ways to do this, you send BTC or other acceptable funds like Ethereum to the deposit address we provided, after 1 or 2 confirmations from Blockchain network, your deposit will be confirm instantly and ready for use.


We have numerous investment plans and this is based on the success of our trading experts and effectiveness of The Omega AI Max. Log in to your dashboard and select any plan of your choice from the available plans we outlined. All the plans are payable from Monday to Fridays through the trading days only. We do not trade on Weekends and we do not pay returns on weekends too. As a legitimate trading company, we pay only from the RETURNS made from all traded assets. Returns are paid from 1% to 5% every Business Days to your wallet.


To withdraw your earning, log in to your account and fill the withdrawal form by inputting your wallet details and amount you want to withdraw. This is when we reward your trust with great returns. Withdrawal requests are processed instantly with speed of light, no delays at all. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money and Payeer withdrawals are processed instantly or automatically, while other PAYMENT METHODS take 24 hours to process. You can withdraw as little as $5 from your account and it will be paid instantly by Fortune30.


There are more than one way to earn massive returns from Fortune30. You can freely refer your family, friends, and colleagues, and earn awesome reward. We will pay you 7% for first direct deposit from your downliner and 3% from second level deposit too. Get rewarded for every effort you make, you don't need to have active deposit to start earning with us.

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